Reading Music
Reading Music
  • Harmonicas for Health: 
    A Guide to Breathing Better

    The Harmonicas for Health program at IU Health Bloomington Hospital was started in 2006 by a COPD patient and a serious harmonica-playing respiratory therapist. The program was published as a book, now in its second edition, and has been made available for use by therapists, patients, hospitals, anyone interested in using the harmonica for aid in respiratory therapy.
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  • Reading Music Series

    The basics of reading music, intervals and notation, are presented here 
    in a series of four articles written by Mary Jane Gormley. 

    These building blocks were originally presented as a workshop for harmonica players, 
    but they are a valuable guide for anyone wanting to learn to read music. 

    They were later summarized into a series of four short articles intended for print.
    The four articles can be downloaded as PDFs in their original format.
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Materials born from live talks and presentations

The materials in this Reading Music series were originally used in live talks and presentations for harmonica players by Mary Jane Gormley. Mary Jane is also co-author of Harmonicas for Health: A Guide to Breathing Better together with respiratory therapist Larry Vesely, RRT.
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